Six Simple Ways to Promote Your Business

Try these easy tactics to increase visibility, build awareness and attract more customers:

#1.    Do a Quick “Brand Audit“

Take stock of where you are and what can be improved with a quick brand audit:

  • Do you have a strong and clear value proposition? What makes your business different and / or better than competitors?
  • Look for visual continuity – using the same colors, logos, design style, imagery, etc.
  • Are your brand messages consistent? (Check your website, social media, sales pitches and conservations, as well as marketing collateral.)

#2.    Media Outreach

  • Telling your company’s story through the media.
  • Identifying story ideas that support your key messages.
  • Working with reporters to become valuable resources.

#3.    Social Media

  • Claim your space. Register the same name on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and other sites like Instagram, Pinterest, if appropriate.)
  • Establish your expertise by writing and sharing relevant content.
  • Reduce work with tools to find content for sharing and automate posting.
  • Build community by engaging customers and followers in conversations.

#4.    Community Involvement

Look for ways to become involved in local and/or business activities in the community that “fit” your organization’s brand and will help generate media coverage and develop targeted relationships. 

#5.    Customer Experience

  • What’s it like to be your customer?
  • Is your brand promise believable? Do you keep it or break it?
  • Use journey maps to better understand your customers’ perspective. Think about the whole journey from exploration and evaluation to the purchase and after the sale.
  • Listen to customers to learn where you can improve (more than surveys)

#6.    Referrals and Testimonials

  • Developing content from positive customer experiences and using it on social media, your website, case studies, e-newsletters, etc.
  • Creating a referral program that is easy for your happy customers to participate in and recommend your company to potential new customers.

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From the MBA presentation by Pat Check of Latitute34pr and Joellyn Sargent, the Claravon Group. Copyright 2016.

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